Wellness Centre O-Mineral

Designer / Frahm
Photographer / Joachim Derous
Product / Thalostuc
Partner / X-deco
Location / Ninove

Wellness centre O-Mineral embraces the beauty of natural elements and products to bring complete relaxation to their guests. This dedication is reflected in the interior design by architecture firm Frahm, where the choice of Thalostuc is an ode to nature.

Thalostuc, with its elegance and authentic look, is a perfect match for this interior. The earth tones woven into the design exude a sense of serenity. While the silky texture and subtle nuances give depth and richness to the interior.

In short, Wellness Centre O-Mineral goes all out for an oasis of tranquility and well-being, Thalostuc delivers a valuable contribution to this environment that stimulates the senses and allows guests to completely unwind.

Washbasin with cabinet in Thalostuc finish in O-Mineral Wellness
Wall and bespoke cupboard in Thalostuc with light terracotta colour at wellness centre O-Mineral
Interior wellness centre O-Mineral
Terracotta-coloured washbasin with Thalostuc finish at wellness centre O-Mineral
Wall and bespoke cupboard with Thalostuc finish at wellness centre O-Mineral
Interior entrance wellness centre O-Mineral

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