Unique stucco plasters for interior finishing

With a passion for architecture, we are always looking for powerful materials, colors and textures. With our products, we help our partners create timeless and unique interiors. Our wall finishes bring not only color, but also atmosphere and authenticity to a home.

Discover Thalostuc

A unique finishing plaster that brings the character and depth you are looking for. Based on limestone of the highest quality, enriched with a blend of European natural stones and just the right aggregate mix.

With Thalostuc, you have the ideal foundation to create unique colors and textures for your interior.

Atelier d'O

Do you have a specific colour or technique in mind? At Atelier d'O, we create exactly what you are looking for, an exclusive finish with impact.

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Thalostuc pigments in Atelier d'O by Odilon Creations

A long journey of crafts and art

Odilon Creations creates high-end decorative wall finishes where the perfect combination of new technology and age-old tradition give life to your interior.

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