Our color philosophy

Colors and textures bring spaces to life. They make all the difference in finishing an inspiring interior. That's why at l'Atelier d'O we work daily on the most extraordinary creations that bring you that elusive difference.

Beautiful and inspiring colors are everywhere

Colors... We see them all around us. If we look closely, we can see for ourselves what is beautiful. In nature, we find powerful, vibrant colors and color combinations. Therefore, we are inspired by what nature brings us, every day.


Thalostuc is applied in several layers.

The final result is partly determined by the way the stucco layers are applied.

Odilon proposes 8 unique textures.

Get assistance from the specialized craftsmen in our partner network, or request an exclusive custom color or texture.










Atelier d’O

Welcome to the Atelier. This is where the magic is created. An infinite menu of custom colors and textures. This is where we are challenged by the most creative architects and professionals to find just the right look for their project.

When colors and techniques from our wide collection would not provide the answer, this is where we create the effect you are looking for.

A custom technique to bring just the right finish and exclusivity you are aiming for.

a custom technique/color