Discover Thalostuc

Thalostuc is a highly decorative mix of natural stone and lime. This material is characterised by a special texture and visual depth.

A visually distinctive decorative plaster with a rich composition

Liquid natural stone

Based on limestone of the highest quality and enriched with a blend of European natural stones and just the right mix of aggregates.

Rough or soft

A balanced, natural composition that allows for a range of variations and textures.

Deep colours

Thalostuc can be coloured with Odilon's rich, organic pigments to create unique and deep colours.


Thalostuc's rich composition brings a deeper dimension to wall and floor finishes and allows deep pigmentation. Its tactility and strength make Thalostuc much more than a mere decorative system like paints and other techniques. Choosing Thalostuc is choosing a particularly durable finish.

Thalostuc in your project


Thalostuc brings a sophisticated look to walls, ceilings, floors and custom furniture.




Custom furniture

A unique color palette

In addition to Thalostuc's four natural shades, we created a truly unique color palette based on natural raw materials and the most potent color pigments.

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