Matter with a soul

Odilon Creations makes high-end decorative materials with character. Why? Because supporting designers and artisans in their quest for just the right finishing touch is our deepest passion and reason for being.

Craft and authenticity

Our artisanal finishing materials are characterized by authenticity and character. They add a deeper touch to the finishing of any space.

Colors and textures

A powerful palette of colors and textures based on unique materials and mineral components. A balance between roughness and refinement.

Selective partner network

In the hands of a skilled craftsman, our materials truly come to life. That's why we consciously work with a network of talented partners.

Decorative plasters that make a difference

For decades, Odilon Creations has been chosen by top architects and clients looking for the ultimate inspiration in their interiors. Our mission is to share our noble materials and knowledge with a select network of passionate craftsmen.

We intensely love what we do. Odilon creates decorative plasters with soul, stucco materials like you have never seen them before.

Choose our unique and narrative colours, or let us customise a colour and texture in our Atelier d'O. Involve us in your quest for perfection. Together, we will find the unique touch for your project. 

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We believe that craftsmanship is a great natural resource, and that we should protect it as if our lives depend on it. Because they do.

We believe in old books, old friends and old wine.

We believe in the power of thoughtful hands.

We believe in the feeling and touching of tactile materials

We do not believe in trends, nor do we care for them. We believe in timeless character.

We believe a coke tastes better from a bottle.

We believe time is our most valuable resource.

We believe in the passionate souls we share our lives with, and that sharing our passion brings the deepest connections and best relationships

All Odilon products are unique, with a focus on craft and quality. These, together with our knowledge, are available to a network of certified partners and customers looking for the ultimate interior finish.

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Our passionate team is ready to provide your project with the right materials, colours and textures. Ask for our list of selective partners for excellent installation of our finishes.

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Beautiful and inspiring colours are everywhere

Colours... We see them all around us. If we look closely, we can see for ourselves what is beautiful. In nature, we find powerful, vibrant colours and colour combinations. That is why we let ourselves be inspired by what nature brings us, every day.

Each (colour) creation is unique and tells a story, an experience. Our colour collection is therefore based on personal perceptions and experiences, small or large, far or near.

It could be from an evening walk by the sea and the sunlit colour of the dune sand. Or a gentle sunset and the touch it brings to a flaking white at the pier.

It can be strolling through a Flemish village where we found a perfect red on a church door. However, it may have been the colour of an old book, or rather the coffee stain on page 112. It could be the misty morning blue of grapes in the picking.

Finding a beautiful colour is above all learning to look around, becoming more deeply aware of our surroundings and the impressions they leave us with.