Govaert & Vanhoutte

Designer / Govaert - Vanhoutte
Photographer / Tim Van de Velde
Product / Thalostuc
Location / Sint Martens Latem

In this residence, the underground area has been transformed into an exclusive and inviting interior, reminiscent of a trendy underground club. By combining Thalostuc's mineral stucco plaster with warm wooden accents, an atmosphere has been created that exudes both luxury and cosiness, ideal for relaxation and entertainment.

The interior shows one of the greatest strengths of a mineral stucco plaster; its interaction with light. Strategically placed lighting beautifully accentuates the nuances and textures of this stucco, bringing the surface to life and creating a sense of depth and dimension.

Photo design bar with Thalostuc as plaster wall
Wine cellar with Thalostuc wall finish in an interior by Govaert Vanhoutte
Bar with Thalostuc stucco wall in an interior by Govaert Vanhoutte
Wine cellar with Thalostuc as wall finish in an interior by Govaert Vanhoutte
Sitting area and wine cellar with Thalostuc as wall finish in an interior by Govaert Vanhoutte

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