Ville Design

Designer / Ville Design
Photographer / Cafeine
Product / Thalostuc
Partner / Vroman Decoratie

At the heart of this luxury residence, where every detail has been chosen with care and attention, Thalostuc plays a central role. This decorative finish, applied with a light coarse Yazur texture, creates a subtle yet sophisticated look throughout the various rooms of the residence.

In the living room, Thalostuc is used as a finish for a fireplace. This piece of furniture quickly becomes the eye-catcher of the interior thanks to the natural look and tactile appeal of Yazur. Moreover, the soft, beige hue ensures that this furniture matches perfectly with the refined furniture throughout the interior. 

The stairwell is an impressive part of the home, where Thalostuc comes into its own as a wall finish. The walls take on a deep and nuanced look thanks to the rich hues and nuances woven into Thalostuc. 

In the office, Thalostuc serves as the perfect backdrop for productivity and creativity. Here, Yazur helps to create a calming environment that encourages concentration and inspiration. Yazur adds a subtle dynamic, making the space feel more lively without being distracting. The natural colour of this stucco plaster creates a serene and calm atmosphere, ideal for a productive working environment. 

In short, this project highlights how a material, with the right vision and execution, can leave its mark on the look of a home across different interiors.

Fireplace furniture with Thalostuc Yazur as furniture finish
Stairwell and corridor with Thalostuc Yazur
Fireplace furniture with Thalostuc Yazur in living room
Office with Thalostuc Yazur wall finishes
Stairwell with Thalostuc Yazur

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