Frederic Kielemoes

Designer / Frederic Kielemoes
Photographer / Cafeine
Product / Thalostuc
Location / Gent

Using a light mineral stucco finish, this modern interior emphasised the bright and spacious look of the living spaces. The kitchen, as the focal point of the home, received a mineral stucco finish from Thalostuc.

Indeed, the versatility of mineral stucco makes it suitable for installation on all kinds of surfaces such as walls, ceilings, countertops and kitchen cabinets. Thanks to its adhesive properties, these kitchen surfaces can be finished seamlessly for a sleek and uniform look. Plaster is also resistant to daily use and easy to maintain which makes it ideal for kitchens. 

As a versatile and aesthetically pleasing finishing option, mineral stucco offers the freedom to design kitchens with built-in features that are both stylish and functional. The combination of durability, ease of maintenance and design freedom makes mineral stucco an attractive choice for high-quality finishes in kitchens and other interior applications.

Thalostuc room with curtains
kitchen islands in kitchen with Thalostuc walls
Modern office with Thalostuc walls
Closeup Thalostuc wall and kitchen island
Doorway with view of kitchen island

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