Pieter Vanrenterghem

Designer / Pieter Vanrenterghem
Photographer / Cafeine
Product / Thalostuc
Location / Kortrijk

Architect Pieter Vanrenterghem aimed to embrace the essence of nature and this is reflected throughout the design. Pure, natural materials were carefully chosen, each with their own unique colour palette and texture. This creates a balance between the clean lines typical of a minimalist interior and the warmth and cosiness a living space should offer. 

A striking choice within this interior is Thalostuc, which was installed here as a floor. This mineral plaster, composed of natural stones, consists of subtle shades that enrich the surface with a sense of depth and authenticity.

In this way, Thalostuc offers a canvas on which materials can shine. The warm timber of the furniture comes alive against the subtle earth tones of this stucco floor, while natural stone accents are enhanced by the soft texture of the surface. This stucco floor serves as a framework that brings together the different elements of the interior and creates a sense of unity, while still holding its own within the interior as a decorative finish.

Foto minimalist kitchen with mineral  Thalostuc plaster floor
Thalostuc as floor finish in interior of Pieter Vanrenterghem
Thalostuc stucco floor in modern kitchen in interior of Pieter Vanrenterghem
Thalostuc stucco floor in minimalist kitchen in interior of Pieter Vanrenterghem
Thalostuc floor finish in hallway in interior of Pieter Vanrenterghem
Thalostuc floor finish extending between kitchen and living room inside interior by Pieter Vanrenterghem

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