Monolith Showroom

Designer / Wendy Verstrepen
Photographer / Stéphanie Mathias
Product / Thalostuc
Partner / Indico Painting
Location / Schilde

Odilon's Xarraca texture graces the walls of Monolith's new showroom. Architect Wendy Verstrepen is all about finishes where both aesthetics and technicality are interwoven, which leads to a perfect match with Thalostuc. Here, our mineral plaster is applied not only on the walls but also on furniture, doors and even the ceiling. The result is a tactile experience that spans across the entire room.

Interior with Thalostuc Xarraca texture on walls and sliding door
Seating area Monolith Showroom with Thalostuc Origin wall finish
Samples in built-in cabinet with Thalostuc Xarraca finish in Monolith showroom
Design lamp on Thalostuc Xarraca wall in Monolith showroom
Front desk Monolith showroom with Thalostuc Origin wall finish
Thalostuc Xarraca on built-in cabinet door in Monolith showroom
Light switch on Thalostuc Xarraca wall in Monolith showroom

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