Element Architecten

Designer / Element Architecten
Photographer / Cafeine
Product / Thalostuc
Location / Oostduinkerke

Mineral stucco finishes based on natural pigments are gaining popularity in the world of interior design, and rightly so. These organic pigments create deep and unique colours that enhance the texture and character of your home, resulting in a beautiful and distinctive look.

In collaboration with Element Architects, we realised this project, with mineral stucco walls playing the lead role in this design. The right choice of colours and textures creates a characterful atmosphere in the space, with natural light beautifully accentuating the stucco finishes.

Experience for yourself the power of these decorative plasters and discover how they can enhance your interior with their deep colours and natural look.

Thalostuc passage with step
Closeup step in Thalostuc
Sink with wooden top and mirror
Thalostuc passageway with step

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